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Minimum amount

CRYPTOS ARE US have set the minimum investment amount to €10.000,--. We take this business very serious. We believe that this amount will be enough to diversify your portfolio and hopefully give you the gains you were dreaming of.


Fee & commission

For every new investment we charge a handling fee. This handling fee is 1,5% of the total investment amount. This amount will be deducted from your initial investment. Our commission consists of taking 9% of your profits per quarter. We only take commission from the profits and not the initial investment.


Minimum duration

CRYPTOS ARE US recommends to hold your portfolio for at least one year. We believe that profits will gain over the years, so hold your coins until you feel comfortable to cash out. Compared to other investment products this is a very short amount of time. We recommend an investment period of at least 3 years in order to be able to make the profits you want.

This is how it works

Step One

Use our registration form on the website to fill out the information we need. When we receive all the information we will setup your account with our preferred exchange in Europe.

Step Two
Transfer Money

As soon as we have setup your personal account we will send you an email. In this email there will be a bank account number and a reference number you need to add in the transaction.

Step Three

The first transaction will take a few days to arrive due to verification processes at the exchange. As soon as your account is credited we will start to invest your money into different Crypto Currencies.

Step Four

When we have invested your money in the Crypto Currencies you will recieve monthly updates about the value of your portfolio by email. If you would like to have more updates contact us.

Step Five
Sit Back

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes. But if you trust our judgement and knowledge, the future should be looking very bright.

Step Six
Cash Out

Minimum duration is one year, but you can cash out at anytime that you feel comfortable with. Read below for the cashing out rules.

Rules for Cashing out


Cash early

At CRYPTOS ARE US we expect you to make a commitment for at least 1 year. We understand that you might have to cash out earlier than expected. If you decide to do so we charge a cash out fee of 10% of the total portfolio value.


Cash normal

When one year has passed we will give you the option to cash out or 'take over control'. CRYPTOS ARE US will not charge you any additional fee for doing so. You will receive the login to your Crypto Currency account on the exchange if you decide to 'take over control'. You can start to manage your portfolio by yourself.


Cash with us

After one year we will give the option to cash out or take over control, but we naturally recommend you to renew your subscription under the same conditions. Our company goal is to get as many people involved in Crypto Currencies as we can, so we would appreciate it if you would trust us enough to manage your digital assets for one more year.