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Our Services Explained

Cryptos made easy
Our company goal is to get as many people involved in Crypto Currencies as we can.

You have probably heard of Crypto Currencies by now. And you might have been interested, but where do you start? We understand that you have your daily job to do, so why not get into Crypto Currencies with someone who already knows the market. CRYPTOS ARE US has been in this market for several years now. We are glad to help out and set you up with your own portfolio.

Setting up a Crypto Currency portfolio has never been easier. Just contact us and we will bring our knowledge and your investment together.

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Your personal account
We will never own your digital assets. We believe that nobody but you should be the owner of your coins.

CRYPTOS ARE US will never be the owner of your digital assets. We help you get started with your personal account with a trustworthy European exchange. After we have assisted you for one year you will have the option to continue our collaboration or to take over yourself.

If you decide to leave us, you will get the login to your account so you can manage your portfolio yourself.

Cryptos can be profitable
The last few years Crypto Currencies have seen a massive growth. We believe that we're still at the beginning of a new era. It's not too late to get involved!

With our knowledge and experience in the crypto world, your investment is in good hands. It's not uncommon to see an investment rise with 1000% or more in a short period of time. In the traditional stock markets, these profits are unheard of unless you had bought the stocks 20 years ago.

We are fully aware that this is an extremely volatile market. But if you trust our judgement and have little patience we believe that this volatility will be in your favour.

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Your digital assets are safe 
Your investment will be safe at one of the best and well known European Exchanges around. For more safety questions contact us..

CRYPTOS ARE US has the option to store your coins in a hardware wallet or a desktop wallet if you would prefer a safer place to store your digital assets. The digital assets will then be transferred from the exchange and put in a wallet that CRYPTOS ARE US will store in a safe place. 

If you're interested in more safety measures contact us.